Friday, October 30, 2015

From down to top !

And here we are getting somewhere but its not much i made server working for people to log in and register but NOT YET why well its not done there is not set quests and characters made off so u need to wait a little longer. I getting first stage done the Login and Register menu and after that loading and mine first stage where people will test walk and die around :D well its in development and need much testers for this after aaaaallll of this i hope i will make something special for the gamer's who love MMORPG games well there will be VOTE stage where u and other will vote will it be Free to play or Buy without Subscription's well when i say F2P i want to keep on eye for balance for all of u i don't like P2W i don't want to make that i want to make IF be F2P to be balanced that everyone can enjoy or just for Selling like GW2 and others will be special offers and gifts competitions and so on....

Well people keep follow on MODDB or Facebook page will keep in touch.

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