Well i start this project before 2014 alone i was choosing will it be RPG or MMO well i was looking an engine that can handle all by my self so i started using Unity engine i was working till 2015 and stooped in August i have spend allot of money for assets told that can make me much easy er but of greed from the asset store they screw me up well its big story. So that i don't need to learning c++ and all that scripting i chose Unreal Engine 4 because of good visual scripting and easy to learn. I looking for people who wants to join in the development i have no money to pay for work but after publishing and how much we get we split.

This is not a special made this is just project that we can get experiance for further working with others because today we can not find jobs if we don't have experience sadly for that so i started my own official work...

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